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  • In the early days, a few other methods of current collection were used.
  • Charles and his collection of single friends wonder if they will ever get married.
  • An individual is a person or any specific object in a collection.
  • A set is a collection of elements, and may be described in many ways.
  • The band entered the studio for the last time to take part in this best of collection.
  • The collection sold more than twice as many copies as his previous books.
  • A research library is a collection of materials on one or more subjects.
  • The company granted public access to the collection the following year.
  • A collection of computer programs and related data is referred to as the software.
  • The total number of objects in the museum's collection numbers is several million.
  • His work is now represented in both public and private collections throughout the world.
  • A collection of her last poems was published by her husband shortly after her death.
  • The next year, he introduced his ready-to-wear collection for both male as female.
  • The next year, he introduced his ready-to-wear collection for both male as female.
  • It is considered to have the best Australian collection outside any capital city in Australia.
  • The record was the third volume of a five volume collection.
  • Here he started a major study of the extensive collections of data recorded over many years.
  • He treated Europe as a whole, rather than a collection of nations.
  • One collection of her stories has been published.
  • The more significant appeared in a three-volume collection.
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Meaning of collection

  • noun Several things grouped together or considered as a whole
  • noun A publication containing a variety of works
  • noun The act of gathering something together