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  • Also, S. cristantum is found in more southern areas of the United States than S. collare.
  • Collar in general comes from Latin collare meaning neck.
  • S. cristantum is the closest taxonomic relative of S. collare.
  • The Mailed Butterflyfish (C. reticulatus) is a near-match of C. collare in appearance, save for a less brown hue and light blue instead of red in its black-based tail.
  • Spharagemon collare, common name Mottled Sand Grasshopper, is found in sandy-soiled, grassy areas of northern United States and southern Canada.
  • E, afferratolo pel collare, lo sollevo dal suolo, e lo pianto a due passi di distanza. Cited from Memorie del Presbiterio, by Emilio Praga
  • On 25 March 1943 Victor Emmanuel had awarded him the highest royal honor, the collare dell'Annunziata, which allowed him to be called "cousin of the king" and gave him unrestricted access to the Royal House.
  • This rather variable but always brilliantly coloured species shares with Pseudoplesiops collare a higher number (14) of precaudal vertebrae than other members of the genus and differs markedly from that species in colour, having prominent blue spots at the base of the dorsal and anal fins.
  • Other close relatives appear to be the Black Butterflyfish (C. flavirostris), Philippine Butterflyfish (C. adiergastos), and perhaps also the unusual Red-tailed Butterflyfish (C. collare).
  • In this group, it appears to belong to a loose group including such species as the Black Butterflyfish (C. flavirostris), Diagonal Butterflyfish (C. fasciatus), Raccoon Butterflyfish (C. lunula) and perhaps also the unusual Red-tailed Butterflyfish (C. collare).
  • The Red-tailed Butterflyfish or redtail butterflyfish (Chaetodon collare), also known as the Pakistani Butterflyfish, is a species of butterflyfish (family Chaetodontidae).