collar crime

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  • Moreover, men are responsible for much more white-collar crimes than women as well.
  • Women are still much less likely to commit crime; this includes both blue and white collar crime.
  • Drawing on his years of experience, he has taught White Collar Crime.
  • For this reason, bank fraud is sometimes considered a white-collar crime.
  • The relationship white-collar crime has with corporate crime is that they are similar because they both are involved within the business world.
  • These highly trained, law enforcement personnel work mainly with white-collar crime.
  • He has written extensively on financial and white collar crime.
  • They did a full coverage on it, stating there could be a possible blue-collar crime going on.
  • At the same time she was considered unforgiving to white-collar crime.
  • His areas of practice are military law, security clearance law, international corporate law, and white collar crime.
  • Finally, Weisburd has also made significant contributions to our understanding of white-collar crime.
  • A prosecutor is usually only involved from the very beginning in homicide or serious white-collar crime cases.
  • He has appeared before law-enforcement and academic audiences speaking about his experiences and the psychology behind white-collar crime.
  • Four cases of white-collar crime and violent crime were reported in April 2003.
  • He was assigned to a unit which focused on low-level political corruption and white-collar crime among other felonies.
  • Common criminal charges involved in a document examination case fall into the "white-collar crime" category.
  • A number of state, territory and federal agencies also administer a wide variety of legislation related to white-collar crime.
  • These competitions span all areas of the law, including family law, criminal procedure, white-collar crime, and international law.
  • His education was centered into white-collar crime.
  • However, it explains white-collar crime less well.
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