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  • The song was written collaboratively by all the band members for the album.
  • It also allows two users to work collaboratively or to play against each other.
  • The aim is that all schools work collaboratively together to provide a high quality education across all the schools.
  • This means they work collaboratively and share resources to improve the education available in the town.
  • The firm then "works collaboratively" with them for two to three years.
  • Since then, it has developed into a collaboratively run film group based in New York City.
  • Working collaboratively, the soldiers and musicians turn these stories into songs.
  • They met at the age of fifteen, training at the same glass school, and have almost always worked collaboratively.
  • Several national caucus groups allow individual members to work collaboratively on issues.
  • These working groups are responsible for collaboratively working on various regional projects and policy initiatives.
  • With her students she has directed fifteen shows, most of them developed collaboratively with the ensemble.
  • The following list gives some details of classical works written by composers working collaboratively.
  • Students can work individually or collaboratively to produce their own digital stories.
  • Schools choose their own theme and story and work collaboratively with teachers and parents to bring their ideas to life.
  • School classes from different European countries can work collaboratively on the tasks of the Competition.
  • She has also done artistic photography, both alone and working collaboratively.
  • A campaign, including its characters, settings, and history is created collaboratively by players and the game master.
  • Also, unlike their earlier work, bassists were used collaboratively on every track.
  • Next, participants of all ages work collaboratively to create art in response to the work they've seen.
  • Some classes were held collaboratively by the students alone.
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