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  • When he found that he was too late he treated me with coldness. Cited from Frank and Fearless, by Horatio Alger Jr.
  • She understood now the coldness with which her father had of late named him. Cited from Evenings at Donaldson Manor, by Maria J. McIntosh
  • Nor did she like his reading, for there was in it the same iron coldness. Cited from Olive, by Dinah Maria Craik (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)
  • She was a princess in all things save her lack of coldness toward the people. Cited from The Goose Girl, by Harold MacGrath
  • And even in her trouble there was a coldness in her tone no less than his. Cited from The Man in the Twilight, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • Or what was it that threw a certain coldness over his manner? Cited from Macleod of Dare, by William Black
  • After that there was silence between the two, and possibly also a little coldness. Cited from The Green Door, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • He felt a body under him, and coldness washed over him before he could get his eyes down. Cited from Police Your Planet, by Lester del Rey
  • Coldness on his part was met by a spirit of resistance on mine. Cited from Frank Mildmay, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • He decides to do so despite his coldness toward his mother.
  • Yet she was kind to him for all her coldness. Cited from The Helpmate, by May Sinclair
  • The mere thought of this sent a coldness through all her frame. Cited from Agatha's Husband, by Dinah Maria Craik (AKA: Dinah Maria Mulock)
  • Back into the white face came all the hardness and coldness that he so well knew. Cited from The Imaginary Marriage, by Henry St. John Cooper
  • It is a wind that is known in the area for its coldness.
  • He looked at her, when he looked at her at all, with a stern coldness. Cited from The Romantic, by May Sinclair
  • In fact, it was only the marked coldness of my manner to her just then that saved me. Cited from The Belfry, by May Sinclair
  • The Doctor greeted him with more coldness than he had ever shown him. Cited from Gordon Keith, by Thomas Nelson Page
  • Don't you see -- don't you see that you are all killing me with your coldness? Cited from Sisters Three, by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  • However they visited one another, but it was with much coldness. Cited from The Life of the Truly Eminent and Learned Hugo Grotius, by Burigny
  • Another experience now again brought out President Wilson's coldness toward his allies. Cited from Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, Volume II, by Burton J. Hendrick
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Meaning of coldness

  • noun A lack of affection or enthusiasm
    a distressing coldness of tone and manner
  • noun The absence of heat
    the coldness made our breath visible, come in out of the cold, cold is a vasoconstrictor