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  • This work was coldly received when first produced, but later has become very popular. Cited from A Popular History of the Art of Music, by W. S. B. Mathews
  • She gave me her hand coldly, as if she would rather have held it by her side. Cited from The Late Miss Hollingford, by Rosa Mulholland
  • The brown eyes had never looked at him so coldly before, and their expression cut him. Cited from A Good Samaritan, by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
  • And now she could coldly review the whole course of her life. Cited from A Hungarian Nabob, by Maurus Jokai
  • The doctor received them very coldly, and seemed in no way pleased at their appearance. Cited from My First Voyage to Southern Seas, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • But why do I thus coldly plain As if it were my cause alone? Cited from Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, by Lucy Aikin
  • Now as she took the book and tried to read her heart beat coldly toward Him. Cited from The First Soprano, by Mary Hitchcock
  • He tells her coldly there's nothing she can do about it and turns to leave.
  • He received me very coldly, and could not be induced to change his mind. Cited from Autobiography of St. The're`se of Lisieux, by The're`se Martin (of Lisieux)
  • Oh, how coldly the words fell upon the boy's heart! Cited from Culm Rock, by Glance Gaylord
  • She dared not look into his face as he touched her hand coldly. Cited from Beth Woodburn, by Maud Petitt
  • "What on earth do you mean by going off in that way?" he asked, coldly. Cited from The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers, by Mary Cholmondeley
  • Others avoided him, and only coldly spoke to him when speech was necessary. Cited from From the Ranks, by Charles King
  • When he afterwards turns to his work coldly, critically, how shall he judge? Cited from The Wings of Icarus, by Laurence Alma Tadema
  • The moon, riding higher every moment, looked coldly down upon the valley. Cited from Under Fire, by Charles King
  • I will speak to him as a friend, coldly if it must be, but let me speak to him. Cited from Ernest Linwood, by Caroline Lee Hentz
  • It did not seem possible that this affection could have ended so coldly. Cited from Woman Triumphant, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • He looked coldly at her as if he could not quite comprehend what had come over her. Cited from The Pilot and his Wife, by Jonas Lie
  • "I used to love you; did you know it?" she said coldly. Cited from Woman Triumphant, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • He considered coldly that it was perfectly safe for him to go on. Cited from Operation Terror, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
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Meaning of coldly

  • adverb In a cold unemotional manner
    he killed her in cold blood