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  • Over time, the politics of the day became more and more visible in the coinage.
  • This was then used on nearly all Islamic coinage until the modern period.
  • The post-classical coinages are by far the most numerous of these.
  • She even gave audiences at her palace and her name was placed on the coinage.
  • She was recognized as an authority on several subjects, especially on Russian coinage.
  • A more recent coinage is intellectual capital, used especially as to information technology, recorded music, written material.
  • As Canada emerged as a nation in its own right, its need for coinage increased.
  • The spread of Greek influence and language is also shown through Ancient Greek coinage.
  • Also, in general all states' coinage became very limited after World War I began.
  • He produced designs for coinage of several countries including Ireland and Australia.
  • It was one of the first cities to issue silver coinage.
  • Over the next few years, pressure to reintroduce silver coinage grew, and cut across party lines.
  • Later, under the Romans, cities in the empire often continued to issue their own coinage.
  • Little is known about him, apart from his extensive coinage.
  • This script alone style then was used on nearly all Islamic coinage until the modern period.
  • However, it calls for use of the Gold Standard, gold and silver coinage.
  • However, it could now also debase the coinage and so increase the money supply.
  • Following this, standard British coinage was used throughout the island.
  • For these reasons, the Romans would have certainly known about coinage systems long before their government actually introduced them.
  • From his coinage, it is known that his rebellion lasted for seven years.
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