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  • The establishment of the museum outside London was controversial, but under Coiley's leadership proved immediately successful.
  • It was said that Coiley would not have understood, but was kept unaware until 1985 when the magazine released the images.
  • Coiley's early career was outside the museum sector, working first for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, and later for two private research institutions.
  • Coiley died at Chur railway station, Switzerland on 22 May 1998 whilst on a rail tour.
  • It was almost discovered by John Coiley when he visited the railway that year, but Rees had the engine parked with its driver's side along the workshop's wall so it couldn't be seen.
  • The John Coiley Award, for locomotive preservation, is a Hackworth-designed locomotive spring safety-valve, as used on the original Stockton and Darlington Railway in the 1830s.
  • Coiley was also responsible for the return to steam of Great Western Railway 3440 City of Truro in 1984 for the Great Western 150 celebrations in 1985.
  • When Coiley visited in 1984, workshops manager Alun Rees had the locomotive parked with the driver's side against the workshop wall, so Coiley could not see that the locomotive had been repainted into BR black.
  • John Arthur Coiley (1932-1998) was an English museum curator, principally associated with the National Railway Museum in York from its formation in the 1973-5 period, through to his retirement as keeper of the museum in 1992.