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  • The Coilback website remained unchanged the entire time with no new updates on the band.
  • The middle of 2002 had Coilback slowing down on their live performances in order to prepare for the recording of their full length album.
  • In 2013, rumors have spread that Coilback is indeed reforming again and that rehearsals are already under way.
  • Coilback then brought on Steven Green on drums and Vlad Cadillac moved to bass.
  • In an interview posted on the band's website, Lew stated that Coilback was "not dead" and that there is still a chance the second album would be made.
  • Coilback formed in 2000 after the split up of the band Liquor Goat (also from Dallas).
  • Only weeks after bringing Steven Green into the band, Coilback went into Pineapple Studios in Arlington, Texas to record their debut EP.
  • On August 2014, Coilback announced via their Facebook and Reverbnation pages that a new lineup is indeed set up and the band is currently preparing to start performing live again.
  • Lew announced his return to Texas in January 2009 and stated on Coilback's MySpace page that Coilback was indeed returning and that the intention to record the new songs was still there.
  • Lew Morris has also been a member in the following bands previous to Coilback: Golem, Darkheart, and FF9 (a cover band).
  • Coilback rang in the 2003 new year at a special performance at Monte Carlos in Arlington, TX and had made arrangements to record their performance in order to possibly include some of the live tracks on their album.
  • The initial lineup of Coilback featured Andy Moore on the drums, Rick M on the bass, Vlad Cadillac on the guitar, and Lew Morris on lead vocals as well as guitar.