coil domains

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  • Coiled coil domain containing 42B is involved in some types of cancer.
  • In the third protein group, the coiled-coil domain is essential for dimerization in simple eukaryotes.
  • These models have been confirmed by structural analyses of coiled-coil domains of keratins.
  • The protein contains a coiled-coil domain at its C terminus and a PX domain at its N terminus.
  • In proteins that do not contain RING or coiled-coil domains, the B-box domain is primarily type 2.
  • By bioinformatics, this protein contains four predicted coiled-coil domains which has a significant homology to known transcription factors.
  • CCDC144A, an alias of this gene, indicates that there should be a coiled coil domain within the protein.
  • This domain is specific to the Coiled Coil Domain Containing family of proteins in eukaryotes.
  • Coiled coil domain containing 42B is involved in cancer; CCDC42B gene is expressed in low to moderate level in tumor cell.
  • This gene encodes a protein containing a coiled-coil domain.
  • SEPT2 interacted with SEPT6 through its C-terminal coiled-coil domain.
  • This protein for this gene is also known as coiled coil domain containing 144A (CCDC144A) protein.
  • Homer1 protein has with an N-terminal EVH1 domain, involved in protein interaction, and C-terminal coiled-coil domain involved in self association.
  • Also, leucine zipper domain was found overlapping with coiled-coil domain.
  • Localization of this protein to the centrosome requires three leucine zippers in the central coiled-coil domain.
  • This gene encodes a coiled coil domain-containing protein.
  • This gene encodes a protein with six coiled-coil domains.
  • The encoded 22kDa protein contains an N-terminal secretion signal and two coiled-coil domains and is a member of the angiopoietin-like gene family.
  • CCDC42B was found to co-express with other coiled-coil domains containing proteins (CCDC78 and CCDC153).
  • Knobs into holes packing is a protein folding motif that occurs mainly in alpha helix or coiled coil domains.

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