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  • For the moment he could neither see or hear clearly nor think coherently. Cited from The False Faces, by Vance, Louis Joseph
  • As soon as she was able to move and think coherently, she sought her few friends again. Cited from Fate Knocks at the Door, by Will Levington Comfort
  • He was so excited he could hardly get his story told coherently. Cited from The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward Ruppelt
  • He did not say anything then or think anything much; at least, he did not think coherently. Cited from The Uphill Climb, by B. M. Bower
  • It was some time before they grew calm and could speak coherently. Cited from Outdoor Girls in Army Service, Laura Lee Hope
  • And then, because I could think more coherently, it came to me that she had changed. Cited from Montlivet, by Alice Prescott Smith
  • He had been conscious and able to talk coherently only a few moments since his attack. Cited from In His Steps, By Charles M. Sheldon
  • They could not speak coherently for some moments, everything was too filled with holy joy. Cited from The Price of Things, by Elinor Glyn
  • He took a long breath before he answered me, and then it was not very coherently. Cited from J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 1, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • It was some time before the boys could talk coherently. Cited from Canoe Boys and Campfires, by William Murray Graydon
  • Sometimes his mind became quiet enough for him to think coherently, then it was easy enough for him to understand everything. Cited from Kate Bonnet, by Frank R. Stockton
  • Finally, seeming to feel a little better, she managed to speak more coherently. Cited from The Camp Fire Girls on the Farm, by Jane L. Stewart
  • Her brain floated, too, because she could not make it think coherently for her. Cited from The Drums Of Jeopardy, by Harold MacGrath
  • She could get back a little strength -- she could try to arrange coherently what she meant to say. Cited from The Incomplete Amorist, by E. Nesbit
  • Presently he looked at me very straight as if he recognised me, and afterwards spoke a little more coherently. Cited from The Ghost Ship, by John C. Hutcheson
  • She was too weak to go over coherently in her mind the sequence of events and feelings. Cited from Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land by Rosa Praed
  • The water cooled her head, and she began to be able to think coherently. Cited from The Iron Game, by Henry Francis Keenan
  • His mind was tired, and he talked or thought coherently no longer. Cited from The War in the Air by H.G. Wells
  • He was a simple fellow, unfortunately, who knew the story too well to be able to tell it coherently. Cited from Fountains In The Sand, by Norman Douglas
  • She never fully recovered and did not speak coherently again.
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Meaning of coherently

  • adverb In a coherent manner
    she could not talk coherently after the accident