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  • Public interest must be considered when entering into a trade mark coexistence agreement.
  • Several animals are also represented throughout the painting and are shown in coexistence despite their variety.
  • An active club activity provided and still provides for a good coexistence.
  • Centre to all the paintings is a human coexistence with the natural world.
  • He became famous for his vast knowledge and for his defence of the pacific coexistence between science and religion.
  • We must seek to build a long-term basis for coexistence. Cited from State of the Union, Gerald R. Ford
  • Often, they allow for the coexistence of urban and rural communities under a single municipal government.
  • Despite four centuries of coexistence, the two communities maintained separate ethnic characters.
  • While this two-phase coexistence holds as the volume continues to increase, the pressure remains constant.
  • The region's social structure, coexistence of the communities was broken.
  • Stable coexistence occurs when any one species in the community limits its own growth more strongly than the growth of others.
  • Technical working groups within these organizations are working to develop appropriate coexistence mechanisms.
  • The full-time, four-year undergraduate program has an arts and sciences focus with high graduate student coexistence.
  • In Lower Canada, the coexistence of French civil law and English criminal law continued.
  • Some of the works related not only to coexistence and peace, but also to the larger Israeli political picture.
  • He argued that the current state of international relations was not one in which peaceful coexistence was an already established fact.
  • Thus such materials should allow coexistence of various properties of type-I and type-II superconductors.
  • The organization's mission is to promote sustainable coexistence between people and nature through scientific communication and public education.
  • Polanyi continued to write in his later years and established a new journal entitled Coexistence.
  • Moreover, the peaceful coexistence continued for over a millennium up until modern times.
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  • noun Existing peacefully together