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  • Initially he said his son was not religious and must have been coerced.
  • Then you must be sure you are able to coerce before you begin the work. Cited from Life of Rutherford B. Hayes, by James Quay Howard
  • Children in the region are also being forced and coerced to become soldiers.
  • Women, however, were less likely to have been coerced into treatment than men.
  • Every person that says they have been coerced are saying it for another reason.
  • But at least she made it known to the world that she was being coerced. Cited from The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference, by Emile Joseph Dillon
  • He could, and probably would, coerce you into another alliance before you were twenty-one. Cited from At Last, by Marion Harland
  • No external power can coerce Him to any act till the hour come. Cited from Expositions/Holy Scripture: John 1-14, Maclaren
  • The soul of man that can coerce the body to its death is greater than the body itself. Cited from In His Image, by William Jennings Bryan
  • He would like to see the girl who could coerce him into doing anything he did not wish to do. Cited from Bought and Paid For, by Arthur Hornblow
  • Yet the power of the father to coerce his daughter was limited. Cited from A Short History of Women's Rights, by Eugene A. Hecker
  • No one has sought to coerce or drive you; this was your own choice. Cited from Love Under Fire, by Randall Parrish
  • I might coerce and force you, but I will not do so. Cited from Dora Thorne, by Charlotte M. Braeme
  • You cannot vote men into content, you cannot coerce them into satisfaction. Cited from A Leap in the Dark, by A.V. Dicey
  • "Do you think they would have had the moral right to coerce them?" Cited from Who Goes There?, by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  • They can also be easily coerced by force or fear to help any other dragon/human team.
  • She says that an unknown force possessed her and coerced her to kill.
  • The man who discovered the body was arrested and coerced into silence.
  • Paul was himself a man now; he had coerced him at the last, neither did he understand. Cited from The Desert and The Sown, by Mary Hallock Foote
  • She says I try to coerce the young people too much. Cited from Rosmersholm, by Henrik Ibsen
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Meaning of coerce

  • verb To cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"she forced him to take a job in the city"
    He squeezed her for information