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  • Info In mathematics, a coefficient is a multiplicative factor in some term of a polynomial, a series or any expression; it is usually a number, but in any case does not involve any variables of the expression. more...
  • It should also be noted that division of coefficients works in the same way.
  • Formal power series are often used merely to represent the whole collection of their coefficients.
  • When new coefficients are introduced, their values can be fitted into the set.
  • While this approach gives the possible terms, it does not determine the coefficients.
  • Then F may be used as a system of local coefficients on X.
  • Now we can read off the coefficients of the answer.
  • These turn out, approximately, to be local coefficients away from a singular set.
  • In addition to this straightforward mass-action effect, the rate coefficients themselves can change due to pressure.
  • Once the coefficients are estimated the model is put back into the structural form.
  • Therefore, the only possible way to get a linear combination is with these coefficients.
  • The fact that this coefficient is the signed area is not an accident.
  • But we lack some properties of the coefficients to produce a general formula.
  • In other words, a formal power series is an object that just records a sequence of coefficients.
  • As his research assistant he produced the first set of capital-coefficients for the input-output model.
  • That is, we hope that a small change in the coefficients will lead to a small change in the roots.
  • As the coefficient ring becomes more general, the relationship becomes more complicated.
  • The combination of these effects allows very high heat transfer coefficients.
  • If is the coefficients may be read off directly.
  • Most important of those properties is known as the blood/gas partition coefficient.
  • One possible approach is to test down from high orders and examine the t-values on coefficients.
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  • noun A constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic