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  • During this time, she no longer uses a codename, instead being referred to by her civilian name.
  • He is first introduced giving his codename as he receives his first costume.
  • The organization takes its name from its World War II era codename.
  • His real name is never revealed; instead he takes his codename from that of the first network he recruited.
  • Also the current models codename system has been introduced in addition with existing world standards and also easier to understand.
  • He goes in the codename Smart Green and like his big brother, has good fighting skills.
  • He goes in the codename Blue Knight Blue and has good fighting skills using his legs.
  • Eventually, she regained her original powers and resumed her original codename.
  • Although she uses the word "nurse" as part of her codename, she has since claimed to be a medical doctor.
  • This version is changed significantly from his source material counterpart, including the way his codename is rendered.
  • Each network was closely organized and carried a codename.
  • The system was referred to by the codename Village Inn during development.
  • She only answers to her codename, and has apparently suffered terrible losses.
  • This assigned projects a two-word codename, the first word being a colour and the second a noun.
  • It was also used by Canada's foreign service under the codename TENEC.
  • Exercises in the 20th century have often been identified by a unique codename in the same manner as military operations.
  • Dick chose the codename "Robin" because that is what his mother had called him.
  • No police force in Europe has ever heard of him, implying that he might change his codename for each of his missions.
  • The internal codename for the project was thus changed to "Flying Red Horse".
  • Her codename comes from her nearly miraculous ability to have bullets pass by her without hitting her.
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