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  • Info In geometry, coaxial means that two or more, three-dimensional linear forms, share a common axis. more...
  • It did however enable the coaxial machine gun to be brought to bear while moving.
  • Coaxial weapons are usually aimed by use of the main gun control.
  • Data was sent around this system of heavy, yellow, low loss coaxial cable using the packet data system.
  • The most common type of transmission line for this purpose is large-diameter coaxial cable.
  • It went on to replace many older types for the vehicle/coaxial role in the 1980s.
  • This turret machine gun was in a separate ball mount rather than a fixed coaxial mount.
  • Cable television operators then started to use the coaxial cables to provide high-speed access.
  • From this point, all channels are sent via coaxial cable to each of the homes.
  • From this point, coaxial helicopters developed into fully operational machines as we know them today.
  • In a cable TV system signal may be distributed via a coaxial network to a set-top box in each room.
  • Cable television signals use only a portion of the bandwidth available over coaxial lines.
  • Typically the shared channel is a long piece of coaxial cable.
  • For higher bit rates, two or more coaxial cables can be used in parallel.
  • Many different television programs are carried simultaneously on the same coaxial cable by sending each at a different frequency.
  • The lack of a coaxial machine gun was also an important difference with respect to a 'real tank'.
  • This IF is carried into the building to the television receiver on a coaxial cable.
  • Coaxial transmission lines provide higher quality factor than planar transmission lines, and are thus used when higher performance is required.
  • Each of these customers has a connection to this platform via coaxial cable or twisted pair.
  • These facility-based LECs include cable companies offering phone service over coaxial cable.
  • The turret did not have room for any coaxial machine gun.
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