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  • Almost all its population lives on or very near to the coast.
  • There is generally very heavy weather in winter time on the north-east coast. Cited from The Romance of the Coast, by James Runciman
  • Only in the south coast is summer as long as winter.
  • The small airport is located right on the county's north-west coast.
  • Much of the following year was spent on prison ships off the American coast.
  • It was to focus on operations off the south-west coast of Ireland.
  • The captain orders the boat directly south towards the African coast at full speed.
  • It is situated on the north-western coast of the island.
  • There may be a small introduced population on the south-east coast of South Australia.
  • The average annual temperature on the coast is around during the day and at night.
  • It subsequently came into widespread use down the north west coast of England.
  • It takes its name from the bay it is on, on the south west coast of the island.
  • Snow is rare on the coast throughout the winter but is very common in the mountains.
  • It is found along the north-eastern coast of Australia.
  • She grew up on the north-east coast of England.
  • The X-back stock was popular on the east coast of the US.
  • When could a letter be delivered at a village on the north-west coast of Ireland? Cited from The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories, by George Gissing
  • For the reasons already given the south-east coast had especially to be well provided in this respect. Cited from King's Cutters and Smugglers 1700-1855, by E. Keble Chatterton
  • The ice flows generally to the coast from the centre of the island.
  • It is found along the north-west coast of Western Australia.
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Meaning of coast

  • noun A slope down which sleds may coast
    when it snowed they made a coast on the golf course
  • noun The area within view
    the coast is clear
  • verb Move effortlessly; by force of gravity