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  • He was said to sometimes go too far and make the song coarse.
  • Their skin became coarse, their feet heavy, and they were no longer pure.
  • It can be closed quickly but provides only coarse control of the gas flow rate.
  • At the time, professional musicians were looked-down upon and considered coarse.
  • How can it be thought the old coarse gospel should find admission here?
  • The white powder used for this mark was made from coarse white soil.
  • Coarse bamboo paper is still used to make spirit money in many Chinese communities.
  • The lake is also home to a local radio-controlled boat society and is used for coarse fishing throughout the year.
  • The coarse nature of his operations is what kept the workplace in perfect working condition.
  • Coarse fishing is available in the lake in the town park.
  • They can eat coarse, dry grass and weeds if nothing else is available.
  • His language is sometimes coarse, but his general attitude is moral.
  • Their skin is golden in color and their hair is coarse and golden-brown, generally worn shoulder-length.
  • Married women put on dark-blue or dark-red smocks of coarse cotton.
  • Almost the entire body is covered with bristles which are either dark brown or black and rather coarse.
  • The dog's bones are not light, but nevertheless not heavy nor coarse.
  • Their bodies are covered with coarse hair which is raised when alarmed.
  • It is located in the center of town and has a medieval look, with thick, coarse walls.
  • It should be neither too coarse nor too refined in build.
  • This is because pitch variations in speech are very coarse compared with those used in music.
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Meaning of coarse

  • adjective Of textures that are rough to the touch or substances consisting of relatively large particles
    coarse meal, coarse sand, a coarse weave