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  • For the first time live closeups of stage performers could be displayed in real time.
  • The movie can't see this through all its giant closeups of pretty knees and dancing feet.
  • The first person mode was primarily put into the game, to allow players a chance to better look around or get closeups of things the screen.
  • Video screens gave closeups of individual musicians as well as the star.
  • This is because Stallone's closeups were shot later in a different location.
  • Three were used for stunt work - the fourth was for closeups, etc.
  • All the band members smile and mug for the camera in individual closeups.
  • Lee's face was superimposed onto the double's body in all shots other than closeups, which he performed himself.
  • The film was put together by editing several performances of the musical and a filming session for closeups.
  • Very little other than Franco's closeups in a cockpit ultimately made it to the screen.
  • A mock up dash board was used on a sound stage for closeups of the voice box or other buttons.
  • The orchestra appears throughout in wide shots and there are no closeups of any of the players, nor of Newman.
  • Split-screen is used extensively, along with extremely tight closeups.
  • The bellows focusing of these models also allowed extreme closeups to be taken, something difficult or impossible with most TLRs.
  • It allows rock-solid closeups to be shot from a kilometer up, a height that does not disturb the animals being filmed.
  • This new innovation presented additional problems for the animators: the expansion of space created more realism but gave fewer closeups.
  • The music video starts with BoA standing in front of a window in a high-rise building, showing closeups of her in while the scene progresses.
  • Unlike most other PBS cooking shows, these programs are heavily edited, using extreme closeups, and never show any of the product brands used.
  • What begins as a small difference in apparent distance several frames at a time expands to extreme closeups and wide shots jumping back and forth.
  • Madonna is shown dancing against a stark white background, along with closeups of her mesmerised gaze.
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Root form of closeups is closeup for the noun.

How closeups gets used

Meaning of closeups

  • noun A photograph taken at close range