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  • We watch her face in closeup for some twenty metres of film.
  • The game is played on a square board, to which one side contains a closeup view of the village.
  • When he shakes hands with a white Australian, the closeup will show a black and a white hand.
  • The show wrapped up each week's broadcast with a four to ten minute "closeup."
  • Instead, he has said that he prefers the excitement and personal contact involved in closeup magic.
  • The video support system gives everyone in the audience a closeup of the performers on stage.
  • They are particularly striking closeup but can look indistinct from a distance.
  • He asks for a closeup, only to have the camera zoom up close to his eyes.
  • Rohmer saw the full-face closeup as a device which does not reflect how we see each other and avoided its use.
  • It was a closeup of the designs over the entrance, shot in sharp relief so that they stood out starkly. Cited from Warlord of Kor, by Terry Gene Carr
  • The first closeup photos were of low resolution compared to later missions.
  • In the right frame, a closeup of the middle section showing the effect of the masking.
  • Top-right closeup shows, Bottom-right closeup shows a fishing heron and several Bird-men figures.
  • He went on to be the host of a 1950s and 1960s television show called Christopher Closeup.
  • Subject matter includes extreme closeup views of exacting images cast in shadow through reflective lighting.
  • Closeup of the John Work House, at the beginning of its renovations.
  • His performance focuses mostly on closeup effects, and he has a particular passion for and expertise in coin magic.
  • When Coight shakes hands with an indigenous Australian, the closeup will show two white hands.
  • The cameras took a video and audio closeup of them singing.
  • A closeup of a statue of Caesar shows a single tear falling from one eye.
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  • noun A photograph taken at close range