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  • Close round the life that closeth your life within the zone! Cited from Across the Zodiac, by Percy Greg
  • So oft as it gleameth on them they walk on in it, but when darkness closeth upon them, they stop! Cited from The Koran, Translated by J.M. Rodwell
  • He closeth the eye of Nature and waketh the spirit of reason; he travelleth through the mind, and is visible but to the eye of understanding. Cited from Character Writings of the 17th Century, by Various
  • Its Nature is, to open about four a clock in the Evening, and so continueth open all Night until the morning, when it closeth up it self till four a clock again. Cited from Historical Relation Of The Island Ceylon In The East Indies, Robert Knox
  • "A most awful situation to be placed in, surrounded on all sides by impenetrable ice, which closeth up the water as with a breast-plate." Cited from The World of Waters, by Mrs. David Osborne
  • For it closeth itself and spreadeth, and keepeth the air to help the heat in its dens and holes. Cited from Mediaeval Lore, by Robert Steele
  • For Lord Ferriby's was that charity which hopeth all things, and closeth her eye to practical facts, if these be discouraging. Cited from Roden's Corner, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • High rides the thirsty sun, Fiercely and high; Faint little Dandelion Closeth her eye. Cited from Dotty Dimple Out West, by Sophie May
  • High rides the thirsty sun, Fiercely and high,-- Faint little Dandelion Closeth her eye. Cited from Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing, by Anonymous
  • Inquiring thence how, now life closeth up, I face death with success in my right hand: Whether I fear death less than dost thyself The fortunate of men? Cited from Men and Women, by Robert Browning
  • True wisdom laboring to expound, Heareth others readily; Fake wisdom, sturdy to deny, closeth Up her mind to argument. Cited from More Toasts, by Various
  • The fish, glad of ease, but ungrateful to her that did it, that the bird may not talk largely of her abroad for non-payment, closeth her chaps, intending to swallow her, and so put her to perpetual silence. Cited from The White Devil, by John Webster
  • And there is an arm of the sea Hellespont: and some men call it the Mouth of Constantinople; and some men call it the Brace of Saint George: and that arm closeth the two parts of the city. Cited from The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, Author Unknown
  • She setteth her hand toward the openings and draweth forth a pin that was fastened into the wall, and a cutting blade of steel droppeth down, of steel sharper than any razor, and closeth up the three openings. Cited from The High History of the Holy Graal, Author Unknown
  • It tooke the name of the floude called Indus, whiche closeth vp the lande on the Weste side. Cited from Principal Navigations, V6, by Richard Hakluyt
  • And the lion is hunted in this wise: One double cave is made one fast by that other, and in the second cave is set a whiche, that closeth full soon when it is touched: and in the first den and cave is a lamb set, and the lion leapeth therein, when he is an hungered, for to take the lamb. Cited from Mediaeval Lore, by Robert Steele
  • As when with white-tusked swine the herdmen drive Their younglings from the hill-pens to the plain As winter closeth in, and evermore Each answereth each with mingled plaintive cries; So moaned Troy's daughters by their foes enslaved, Handmaid and queen made one in thraldom's lot. Cited from The Fall of Troy, by Quintus Smyrnaeus