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  • Info A closet (especially in North American usage) is an enclosed space, a cabinet, or a cupboard in a house or building used for general storage or hanging/storing clothes, no matter what the size. more...
  • He came out of the closet to his parents before going to school.
  • After being closeted with her for a long time he came out of her room. Cited from The Woman With The Fan, by Robert Hichens
  • Throughout the entire house, all seven girls are only given one walk-in closet.
  • I used to open his closets and just watch all the records he had.
  • Would that they might have had some of those closets at home that are never entered! Cited from Woman And Her Savior In Persia, by Unknown
  • The third floor usually contains two large and two small rooms, and several closets. Cited from Lights and Shadows of New York Life, by James D. McCabe
  • I could not take my mind off those two closeted together. Cited from Jaffery, by William J. Locke
  • She was closeted with her thus on the morning of the second day. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VI (of X), by Various
  • She also added what looks like a wood closet but has a false back.
  • He felt strongly about playing a gay character coming out of the closet.
  • She started to open the closets, one after the other, beginning at the left. Cited from The Bat, by M. R. Rinehart & Avery Hopwood
  • Although he came out to his own family, he remained closeted for the beginning of his musical career.
  • I could hear him now, hunting through all the rooms and closets down below. Cited from The Voyage of the Hoppergrass, by E. Pearson
  • They were closeted closely for some hours before the final agreement could be arrived at. Cited from Campaign Pictures of the War in South Africa (1899-1900), by A. G. Hales
  • James soon made him clerk of the closet, a position without political power.
  • The two were closeted there for nearly an hour, when the woman in black came out. Cited from True Love's Reward, by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon
  • A small key-operated wall safe is located in the closet area.
  • Its size can range from being small enough to fit in a closet to one hundred times that size.
  • It has two separate cells, one each for men and women, each with its own earth closet.
  • His works have described his own past as a closeted gay student.
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Meaning of closet

  • noun A small private room for study or prayer
  • verb Confine to a small space, as for intensive work