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  • The area closest to the river probably remained open ground until the mid nineteenth century.
  • Jack is believed to be dead by everyone except a few of his closest friends.
  • Primary sources are those sources closest to the origin of the information or idea under study.
  • In Young's own opinion, it was the closest he ever came to art.
  • The closest public air links to the town are situated at these cities.
  • It seems that he made many of these men his closest friends and counsellors.
  • He had been her closest Christian Scientist friend even after her husband converted.
  • She also had a more introspective side, known only to her closest friends and family.
  • The main village, closest to downtown, is where the first homes were constructed.
  • The team with the closest ball to the jack is the only team that can score points in any frame.
  • The closest neighbors were over four miles away and there were no roads.
  • We got inspired by all the French artists and writers, because that was the closest we could get.
  • Outside of the county, Silver Creek is the closest city, found away.
  • Ali would later claim that this was the closest to dying he had ever been.
  • Of his five surviving children, he was closest to his youngest two.
  • The closest open clusters can have their distance measured directly by one of two methods.
  • The closest large city is Helsingborg on the west coast, less than half an hour car drive away.
  • Letter writing is good for beginner writers, because the language used is closest to normal speech.
  • Tom states that the closest center is in the town of Willard, several miles away.
  • The lunar month was defined as days and named according to the closest climate term.
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