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  • These closeout sales lasted less than a day each due to both limited quantities and high demand at that price point.
  • A project that is not given an extension, or that does not apply for one, begins a closeout.
  • The prizes were selected from stores across the country, and listed at a closeout price.
  • This could cause a delay in the project closeout.
  • Very few have ever gone on open public sale, although some were made available via dealers at closeout prices in fall 2010.
  • A fire sale may or may not be a closeout, the final sale of goods to zero inventory.
  • While some stores always sell at, or below, the suggested retail price, others do so only when items are on sale or closeout/clearance.
  • Bud's operated as a closeout store, much like Big Lots.
  • Grocery Outlets buy mostly closeout or seasonal merchandise, so particular brand names change often.
  • With stores across the country and decades of experience in closeout retailing, they haven't strayed from their original concept.
  • The Montgomery Ward store was changed to a closeout format before closing.
  • Towards the end of the 1990s, poor sales relegated many of the existing stock of Prosonics to closeout sale status.
  • These 40 were involved in cleanup and closeout operations at mining exploration sites and soon left.
  • The site sells both high-end and closeout merchandise.
  • The Macy's closeout store closed in 1995 and was never replaced by another anchor.
  • Closeout procedures are still occurring at some other locations.
  • On very rare occasions, an extremely simple, low risk study might be monitored almost exclusively by telephone except for the startup and closeout visits.
  • Pic 'N' Save was, at one time, the second-largest closeout retail chain in the United States.
  • It focuses on discount overstocked and closeout products from name brand and private label suppliers.
  • Game 2 was closeout again, even though the Mavs were down by 16 in the first half.
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Meaning of closeout

  • noun A sale intended to dispose of all remaining stock