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  • Her wild spirit and closeness with nature gives her an ability to understand people and everything around her.
  • His closeness to human nature made him greater than any of his contemporaries.
  • Given the closeness in age of the two royal brothers, they were educated together.
  • She has a very close relationship with her father and wants to maintain that closeness.
  • One study found that the closeness to the goal makes a difference.
  • There has been some controversy over the closeness of the two names.
  • Nothing and nobody could ever come between them or break their bond of closeness that they share.
  • Michael later said that "it marked the beginning of an all-too-brief closeness between us".
  • Their closeness to lakes and rivers means that they are often developed for human settlement.
  • "The closeness of the contest will not prevent his talking very big about his victory." Cited from Belles and Ringers, by Hawley Smart
  • The closeness of the location of battle to the border suggests that no major invasion took place.
  • Despite the closeness of the game, both teams put up huge numbers offensively.
  • Closeness projects a positive feeling in a relationship, and distance projects a negative feeling within a relationship.
  • Growing economic closeness also seemed to suggest a growing political alliance.
  • Both remain somewhat distant from each other emotionally, despite their physical closeness.
  • One day he met a lady at the charity and feels a sense of closeness with her.
  • They stand out due to their closeness to nature and allow an experience beyond the usual four walls and their right angles.
  • After a few days of closeness she is shocked when he tells her he is already engaged to someone else.
  • However, his eyes are affected by the closeness of the shot.
  • Signalling the closeness of the race, both candidates received late-season campaign support from national political figures.
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Meaning of closeness

  • noun A feeling of being intimate and belonging together
    their closeness grew as the night wore on
  • noun Characterized by a lack of openness (especially about one's actions or purposes)