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  • In particular she was thought to give instruction in these closely related arts.
  • In the US, two distinct organization exist, although they do work closely together.
  • Nevertheless he worked more often and more closely with Lincoln than any other senior official.
  • He was closely connected with nearly all the royal houses of Europe on both sides of his family.
  • Over the course of four months, I watched this army closely.
  • They are believed to be closely associated with the elements (fire, air, water, earth).
  • Although his name is closely associated with this observation, he was not the first to make it.
  • It is closely related to the word private.
  • Therefore, members of the same group are thought to share a common history and are considered to be more closely related.
  • Solid-state physics is another field that is closely related to computer vision.
  • The model co-operates closely with youth supporting programs outside schools.
  • The absolute value is closely related to the idea of distance.
  • These differences grow larger between less closely related species.
  • The change in the name of the party was a closely guarded secret.
  • Looking at it more closely it was wrong!
  • In the Middle Ages state and church had been closely connected.
  • Most important, the four were not closely related to the imperial family and laid no claim to the throne.
  • This task is closely related to both full text search and named entity recognition.
  • The current system is not set up for people who require long term closely supervised mental health care.
  • Closely related languages are spoken in nearby areas of Germany.
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Meaning of closely

  • adverb In a close relation or position in time or space
    the onsets were closely timed, houses set closely together, was closely involved in monitoring daily progress
  • adverb In a close manner
    the two phenomena are intimately connected, the person most nearly concerned