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  • The closedown period was subsequently extended to four weeks because of poor progress.
  • It is the opposite to a sign-off (or closedown) which generally takes place at the end of the day.
  • After around midnight, programming would revert to the network service until closedown.
  • Most television channels no longer sign off at night, eliminating the need for closedown clocks.
  • There were times when fears of a closedown were becoming a reality.
  • A copy of the website was archived a few weeks before the official closedown.
  • He returned to the Voice of Peace as programme manager until its closedown in 1993.
  • Part of this programming is usually shown on BBC One overnight during its 'closedown' hours.
  • The channel then played family programmes after Kidzone until closedown at midnight.
  • Clock idents are typically used before news bulletins and closedown, though in the past quite commonly preceded regular programming.
  • The clock was electronically generated using the previous clock generator system and was often used before some news bulletins and before closedown.
  • Following the station's closedown, the allocations for its analog and digital frequencies became open for future stations.
  • It was founded in 1983 and went all the way until its closedown in 1999.
  • Even as the closedown took place, Dapol was busy purchasing the remaining materials.
  • Unusually for continuity of the time, Coia could also be seen in-vision, usually late-night, especially immediately before closedown.
  • The closedown slide has since became inaccessible to places where analogue cable is no longer supported, as the digital switchover occurred.
  • The programme is used to fill the station's overnight downtime, where a closedown would have once been used at the end of programmes.
  • The stations also simulcast overnight programming from BBC Radio 5 Live each night after closedown.
  • The closedown night was relayed on various stations, including the old 208 wavelength.
  • The first political radio station was Radio Free Scotland, which illegally hijacked the sound channels of BBC television after closedown.
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