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  • She was accused of creating a certain closedness around the Court and the royal family.
  • The closedness condition rules out the existence of single points of cake with positive desirability.
  • There is closedness of the Palace but at the same time, there are also strong connections with the outer world.
  • Note the difference between closeness, which describes the relation between two sets, and closedness, which describes a single set.
  • A similar result shows the closedness of the spectrum.
  • That Shelley is deeply aware of his closedness in life and his identity shows his command in line 53.
  • The representation of the vowels may differ in particular with respect to the two "middle" levels of closedness.
  • The closedness is immediate from the continuity of f and g.
  • Since the STL syntax does not enforce this property, it can be ignored for applications where the closedness doesn't matter.
  • Closedness of S implies that it has a minimal element.
  • Openness and closedness: The desire to be open and divulge information versus the desire to be exclusive and private.
  • According to the theory, while most of us may embrace the ideals of closedness, certainty, and openness in our relationships, the communication is not a straight path towards these goals.
  • By the norm-closedness of the ideal of compact operators, the converse is also true.
  • Kammerer says the cameras reflect ambivalence in the film, between "freedom and security, openness and closedness".
  • The dialectics of connection-autonomy and openness-closedness manipulate the communication of intimacy between partners.
  • As such they are topological vector spaces, in which topological notions like the openness and closedness of subsets are well-defined.
  • The closedness only matters insofar as the software that slices the triangles requires it to ensure that the resulting 2D polygons are closed.
  • According to Altman, if we effectively control the openness and closedness of self to others (i.e., make ourselves more or less available to others) in response to our desire and the environment, we can function better in society than those who cannot.
  • These consist of connectedness and separateness, certainty and uncertainty, and openness and closedness.
  • Openness vs. Closedness: It is a tendency of close friends to be open and honest with one another, but organizations often expect a level of confidentiality that places strain on friendships that value the sharing of information.
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