close geographical proximity

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  • Many of its species are spread across several adjacent tepuis due to their close geographical proximity.
  • Bournemouth could also be seen as current rivals due to their relatively close geographical proximity compared to other Championship clubs.
  • The close geographical proximity of most of the Irish international squad helped cement relationships between the players.
  • Pupils at the School also enjoy close geographical proximity to College buildings, galleries, and events.
  • The winners in each group of the competition advance to the regional level, which usually involves four to five gurdwaras in close geographical proximity.
  • Dutch-British trade is made simpler by good relations, transparent legal framework, sophisticated financial services system, good transport links and close geographical proximity.
  • The close geographical proximity of the teams contributes significantly to the rivalry.
  • The home-and-home doubleheader, where each team hosts one game, is extremely rare, as it requires the teams' home ballparks to be in close geographical proximity.
  • It has traditionally been spoken as a second language by the country's educated classes and its popularity is reinforced by the close geographical proximity between Great Britain and France.
  • The close geographical proximity of the two clubs, allows for young Ajax players to be loaned out to Almere without having to travel to far from their homes.
  • Whether this subgroup constituted a unified proto-language, or simply represents a group of dialects that remained in contact and close geographical proximity, is a matter of debate.
  • Zhenan Min has in the past been influenced by the Eastern Min language and the Northern Min language due to its close geographical proximity with those areas.
  • Both China and Bangladesh lie in close geographical proximity, separated only by the narrow Siliguri Corridor of India and immigration is common between the two countries.
  • As in the ward, the branch president in a single adult, YSA, or prison branch will typically be called from the stake or district in which the branch is organized, or those within close geographical proximity.
  • Due to close geographical proximity to Hong Kong, parts of southern China are able to receive broadcast signals from television channels in Hong Kong, where China's censorship does not apply.
  • While they were in close geographical proximity to the ostrich, elephant birds' closest living relatives are kiwis, arguing that ratites did not diversify by vicariance during the breakup of Gondwana but instead evolved from ancestors that dispersed more recently by flying.
  • The close geographical proximity of Tainui's Ngati Toa (of Kawhia), and Ngati Mutunga explains the long, continuous, and close relationship between the three Iwi.
  • Duridanov's explanation is that proto-Dacian and proto-Thracian speakers were in close geographical proximity with proto-Baltic speakers for a prolonged period, perhaps during the period 3000-2000 BC.