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  • Post-cloning operations may be necessary to address these and other issues.
  • Since the story was written, the development of cloning has created a second possible solution.
  • Players also cost money to their company each time they die, since cloning them back to life is not free.
  • They also seem to change sizes at will using the cloning technology described before.
  • The use of human cloning for military purposes has also been explored in several works.
  • Without the cloning technology, Heritage would have nothing going for it at all.
  • Since then she has been the subject of intense efforts to save the variety, efforts that have included cloning.
  • But these problems were not serious and the cloning of the box was a success.
  • He also signed into law a bill that banned human cloning.
  • They manage to kill him, and then kill everyone who was involved in cloning him.
  • A Number was written when cloning was often in the news.
  • This can prove to be quite difficult because cloning even the most well-known mammal can be difficult.
  • The UN is currently against all forms of human cloning.
  • Cloning is the most widely proposed method, although selective breeding has also been proposed.
  • The modern cloning techniques involving nuclear transfer have been successfully performed on several species.
  • The book was very popular and caused much discussion about the ethics of cloning.
  • His many papers and books about the theory and future of human cloning illustrate his opinions.
  • He has also said that therapeutic cloning simply will not work.
  • The use of human cloning experiments is also opposed by the organization.
  • Though this feature is not primarily designed for hard disk cloning, it can also be used for this purpose.
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Root form of cloning is clone for the verb.

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Meaning of cloning

  • noun A general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)
  • verb Make multiple identical copies of
    people can clone a sheep nowadays