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  • Unlike some games, the player cannot play against a clone of their own character.
  • They even developed the ability to make clones of themselves out of any metal.
  • A person whom you had been cloned from, whose life you had been living until now.
  • In such cases, you would want to use clone instead of new.
  • Why did he make a clone of his first child?
  • Then we have animals that don't need sex at all, they just clone themselves.
  • This system was widely cloned throughout Europe and available under several brand names.
  • He points out that a human clone, while man-made, would not provide a very interesting example.
  • Most games can still be played with these clones systems, however the build quality is not as high.
  • The language has inspired the development of various clones and similar educational languages.
  • Three is the second clone, so he knows nothing about construction.
  • O Clone was a big hit, being aired in several countries all around the world.
  • It was composed of only five people and armies of clones created from those five people.
  • The system was popular in the 1980s, although had a major number of clones.
  • If two players reach the end together, then both will each to have to face their own clone for the final battle.
  • Instead of five individuals cloned, now they were formed primarily from five worlds.
  • These statistics remain constant throughout the game unless the team members are subsequently re-cloned.
  • This is not a cloned animal because cells from two individuals are used.
  • Something went wrong and the clone's body became like a living corpse.
  • The project head decided to make two clones instead.
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Synonyms of clone

Meaning of clone

  • noun A group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction
  • verb Make multiple identical copies of
    people can clone a sheep nowadays