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  • Info Circular motion can occur in two possible directions. more...
  • This service runs every few minutes in a clockwise direction around the city centre.
  • Each other player, in clockwise order, then plays a card from their hand.
  • Below they are mentioned in clockwise order, beginning to the north of the city.
  • They are listed by island, in clockwise order, from the stated starting point.
  • Islands are listed clockwise around the coast, starting from the north-east.
  • Play proceeds clockwise, with each player playing one card face-up in turn.
  • Deal and play are clockwise, and the turn to deal passes to the left after each hand.
  • After the first card in the round is played, players play cards in clockwise order.
  • Turn - face, give both hands, and make a complete circular, clockwise turn to place.
  • When s/he starts from any other pit, s/he may only move counter-clockwise.
  • The other players each play a card (playing clockwise) and must follow suit if possible.
  • Rivers are listed in clockwise order, starting at the north end of the island.
  • The first two columns give the number of points and degrees clockwise from north.
  • They are assigned in a counter-clockwise order beginning on the eastern side of the island.
  • One does not say that east is "more clockwise" than west.
  • If any player had folded, the next player in a clockwise fashion acts next.
  • The story started from east entrance where visitors turn left and moving around the temple gallery in clockwise direction.
  • Then it is the next player's turn, in clockwise order.
  • Since then, the race has been run in the American, or counter-clockwise, direction.
  • The turn to deal and play goes always in a counter-clockwise mode.
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Meaning of clockwise

  • adjective In the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock
  • adverb In the direction that the hands of a clock move
    please move clockwise in a circle