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  • Info Clock (Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput) is a gene encoding a basic helix-loop-helix-PAS transcription factor (CLOCK) that affects both the persistence and period of circadian rhythms. more...
  • And why did the great eight-day clock in the hall strike twelve? Cited from Polly, by L. T. Meade
  • The square is also notable due to the presence of the city clock.
  • In the other hand, the water clock was introduced to show time.
  • A major concept used in the series was the idea of a running clock.
  • These do use somewhat less power because a clock distribution network is not needed.
  • He died a few minutes before two o'clock in the morning.
  • He heard them strike on the old eight-day clock below. Cited from Dick o' the Fens, by George Manville Fenn
  • That's the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning.
  • He would soon discover that it was far too late to turn the clock back.
  • Left on its own, each clock will mark time at slightly different rates.
  • The clock will start as they cross this line and stop when they reach the finish line.
  • The town hall, market place and clock tower formed the political and economic centre of city life.
  • Its deep-draft structure and access channel allows round-the-clock access to the port.
  • A move is completed when it has been made and the player has pressed the clock.
  • However, the clock had stopped just as the play began.
  • I've got an eight-day clock in our house. Cited from True to his Colours, by Theodore P. Wilson
  • Game clocks are used in two-player games where the players move in turn.
  • It is in no way different from clock time-keeping.
  • It operated around the clock and all year round.
  • The primary purpose of a clock is to display the time.
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Meaning of clock

  • noun A timepiece that shows the time of day
  • verb Measure the time or duration of an event or action or the person who performs an action in a certain period of time
    he clocked the runners