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  • Thomas L. Clingman's brigade and fell back to its starting point.
  • Clingman, at various times moved to the area.
  • Clingman eventually turned to the Great Smoky Mountains to the west, which he claimed were higher.
  • Near Clingman's Dome When was the picture taken?
  • Clingman's Confederate brigade delayed the advance, but was unable to prevent the destruction of the bridge.
  • Clingman, a physician and minister associated with the Church of Christ was in the area before Browning's group arrived.
  • Clingman was elected to the North Carolina State house of commons in 1835.
  • Tennessee's highest mountain, also partly in North Carolina, was named Clingman's Dome in his honor.
  • Rising above Clingman's Peak, the WMIT tower's light was higher than anything else east of the Mississippi.
  • Clingman was born in Huntsville, a small community in present day Yadkin County, North Carolina.
  • Clingman afterward admitted that the Southern opposition was motived by reluctance to admit new free Territories. Cited from Stephen A. Douglas, by Allen Johnson
  • Senator Clingman still maintains that he did not, and that the peak now known as Mitchell is the one that Clingman first described. Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V4
  • The station's broadcast area covers most of western North Carolina from a tower on Clingman's Peak near Mount Mitchell.
  • This peak is known today as "Clingman's Dome."
  • Senator Clingman had interpreted the President's policy in terms of his own emotions: there was no doubt about it, the inaugural portended war. Cited from Stephen A. Douglas, by Allen Johnson
  • This is because its transmitter is located on Clingman's Peak, over above sea level -- one of the highest transmitter sites east of the Mississippi River.
  • When he first entered the War, Clingman was the commander of the 25th North Carolina Infantry and took part in the Peninsula Campaign.
  • Kenneth Rayner and Thomas L. Clingman were also men of recognized ability, the latter bringing varied accomplishments to aid his discharge of duty. Cited from School History of North Carolina, by John W. Moore
  • Clingman continued to deny that Mitchell had measured Black Dome first, but was unable to overcome the shift in public sentiment.
  • His parents were Jacob and Jane Poindexter Clingman and he was named for Dr. Thomas Lanier, his half uncle.
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