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  • This book is also part three of the Clingfire Trilogy.
  • This book is also part two of the Clingfire Trilogy.
  • When the children are about 18 months old, Storn attacks with clingfire.
  • This book is the first in a three-book series subtitled The Clingfire Trilogy.
  • When Aldaran refuses, the castle is besieged with laran-based weapons, including clingfire.
  • With difficulty, he reaches Dyannis, only to discover that the warning is too late - the Tower is being consumed by clingfire.
  • Aldaran attacks with clingfire, destroying the rest of the castle.
  • Coryn urges his Neskaya colleagues to refuse to make laran weapons, such as clingfire.
  • Back at Arilinn, Varzil joins a circle charged with making clingfire.
  • They hear through the relays Carolin has pledged to abjure the use of laran weapons, especially clingfire, and that Tramontana Tower has signed on to the pact.
  • The books in The Clingfire Trilogy explore, by analogy, the concept of mutually assured destruction and the use of chemical weapons whose consequences are beyond the control of the user.