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  • What would happned if we added another layer of the same clingfilm.
  • Third, we can use this model to predict how the Greenhouse Effect would be affected by changes to the clingfilm.
  • To avoid detection they have to remove all their own waste, this is achieved with the aid of clingfilm, plastic bags and empty water bottles.
  • One only has to think of plastic bottles which are wrapped in clingfilm which can become permanently misshapen if the clingfilm has still not completely cooled.
  • Cool, cover with clingfilm and refrigerate for 8 hours before removing from tin.
  • Bald caps may be purchased ready-made or be constructed on-site by a make-up artist, who applies several layers of liquid plastic (such as latex) to a pattern made by covering the actor's head in clingfilm.
  • The large leaves of the butterbur (Petasites hybridus) are found in several areas; its name harkens back to the days before clingfilm or cheap paper when the leaves were used to wrap butter destined for the market.
  • In 2000 they recorded their debut album Clingfilm, During easter of 2000 the band traveled to Morocco with the Norwegian theater group De Utvalgte (the Chosen Ones).
  • Mummification as a BDSM sexual bondage practice involves restraining a living person's body in a non-damaging way by wrapping it head to toe, or neck to toe, in materials like saran wrap/clingfilm, cloth, bandages, rubber strips, plaster bandages, bodybags, or straitjackets.