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  • Forrest Clingerman ties Barbour to the Religious Naturalism movement via his theology of nature.
  • The current principal is Jeramy Clingerman, and the current assistant principal is Vincent Vitale.
  • Clingerman wrote a memo requesting a Rand Corporation study on how an interstellar spacecraft might plausibly function.
  • Clingerman was a founder of the Tucson Writer's Club, served on the board of the Tucson Press Club, and taught at the University of Arizona.
  • The RSC actor training program has been set up by RSC's Artistic Director, W. Stuart McDowell, and by the program's director, John Clingerman.
  • It was hosted by the Riverside School for Shakespeare, the year-round professional training program designed for actors, directors and teachers, under the direction of John Clingerman, working with actors and directors from The Riverside Shakespeare Company.
  • To train actors, directors, and teachers in the performance of the classic text of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, the company began its professional training program, The Riverside School for Shakespeare, in the fall of 1980, at The Shakespeare Center, headed by John Clingerman.
  • In late September or early October, 1948, the Estimate was approved by Colonels William Clingerman and Howard McCoy (Sneider's superiors), who then submitted it to the office of General Charles Cabell, the chief of Air Force intelligence.