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  • He is considered a climber who also is able to time trial.
  • At that stage, he decided to become a full-time mountain climber.
  • They are mainly active during the dark, and are very good climbers.
  • There should be at least two points of protection between the leader and the next climber.
  • Here the trail has no bridge and the climber is forced to find another means to cross.
  • In the winter, these turn into an ice wall which is used by ice climbers.
  • One climber noted that the new record meant a better chance of rescue.
  • Martin was a good climber and never gave up the lead after that into Paris.
  • This side is also the most attractive and very popular among rock climbers.
  • At the time it was the highest point that a climber had ever reached.
  • They are good climbers and spend the majority of their life in the trees.
  • They could not find any trace of the third climber further down.
  • It became common practice for the first climber to choose a name for the route.
  • Lighter climbers can be sent up more often, with several going up at the same time.
  • But almost all the time, the climber cannot reach the top, for they are not perfect.
  • Since then, the mountain has been declared sacred, and it is now closed to climbers.
  • These are well used for practical training by local rock-climbers.
  • An average climber would need four days and three nights for a return trip.
  • Climbers need to take plenty to drink and some food to keep them going.
  • Aarfy is a social climber looking to work his way up into high society.
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Meaning of climber

  • noun A vine or climbing plant that readily grows up a support or over other plants
  • noun Someone who climbs as a sport; especially someone who climbs mountains
    the lead climber looked strong still but his partner often slumped in his ropes