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  • Climatically a mountain range has lower temperatures and higher levels of precipitation than the surrounding land.
  • Climatically the region differs from the surrounding area due to its relief and its many lakes.
  • It involves deliberately moving tree species to locations that may better climatically suit them in the future.
  • During the Middle Ages many towns were founded, especially in the climatically more favoured lower plateau.
  • Climatically responsible companies are the ones taking actions to minimize their impact on the environment and continually improve their environmental performance.
  • In the 20th century, several crests were deforested because of their climatically bad location.
  • Due to its great extension this glaciation in the subtropics was the most important climatically foreign element on earth.
  • Climatically, most parts of the area falls in the sub tropical zone and the rest in the temperate zone.
  • Climatically, autumn and spring do not really exist.
  • Climatically, these two may be said the opportune time to visit Sehore.
  • In this poor, climatically extreme region he proselytized the partly Korean, partly Chinese population.
  • The refugees discovered that climatically their new world was not too different from Africa, a lucky chance which might happen only once in a thousand times. Cited from Voodoo Planet, by Andrew North
  • The area is small in size, but is climatically very distinct and characteristic, owing to the strong Mediterranean influence from the south.
  • Climatically and historically we have all the stimulating necessities for a great art, and it is our duty to take advantage of them. Cited from The Galleries of the Exposition, Eugen Neuhaus
  • Climatically, the desert has a dry climate with only one rainy season in the summer and smaller amounts of precipitation in early winter.
  • Climatically, the area receives about of rainfall per annum with most of this falling between May and September.
  • Climatically, it has two seasons, dry and monsoon, dependent on the altitude of the region.
  • Democratus is climatically similar to earth, with regions of desert, snow, forest, and prairie.
  • The prototype was economical to build, climatically comfortable to live in, easy to extend, and also uses little energy.
  • Climatically Darwin has more in common with Manila than Sydney because it sits well inside the tropical zone.
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Meaning of climatically

  • adverb With respect to climate
    they were used to a climatically different environment