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  • After a six million-dollar capital campaign, the school moved into its campus at 11333 Cliffwood.
  • The township received funds to build a park near the Cliffwood Beach waterfront.
  • This remains a part of the campus of the Cliffwood Elementary School.
  • Sam was now at the wheel, and as he could handle the car as well as his brother, the run to Cliffwood did not take long. Cited from The Rover Boys in Business, by A. Winfield
  • In the Cliffwood Beach section of the park, sections of the boardwalk were destroyed.
  • The beach area of Matavan was later renamed Cliffwood Beach.
  • Soon known as the Cliffwood Station, it operated on Cliffwood Avenue until the station closed in 1932.
  • In 1885, the Cliffwood post office was established and the name of the old Matavan settlement passed into obsolescence.
  • Cliffwood Beach, formed in the 1920s, was originally a resort community until after World War II when year-round homes were the norm.
  • Before Nancy leaves for Cliffwood, she receives a threatening letter telling her to stay away from the Turnball Mansion.
  • Cliffwood Beach also borders Laurence Harbor when traveling south.
  • To the west, a section of Cliffwood Beach is part of Old Bridge Township in neighboring Middlesex County.
  • A resort area in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey saw its boardwalk and tourist attractions destroyed by the hurricane, and the area has never recovered.
  • LACMA frequently organized member visits to Henry and Roz's home on Cliffwood Avenue in Brentwood.
  • Past this interchange, the road crosses the Matawan Creek into Aberdeen Township, where it heads northwest through Cliffwood Beach.
  • This land is now Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach in Aberdeen Township; it was here that Bowne lived until his death.
  • They ask Nancy to help them learn the cause of the mysterious "hauntings" of their mansion in Cliffwood, several miles from River Heights where Nancy lives.
  • Cliffwood Beach is also home of the Yeshiva Gedolah of Cliffwood, an institution for advanced Talmudic studies.
  • Cliffwood is located southwest of Route 35 and is bounded by Matawan on the south and Old Bridge Township on the northwest.
  • Cliffwood Beach is located north of Route 35 and is bounded by Keyport on the east and Laurence Harbor on the west.
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