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  • The Saturday night stage show was hosted and produced by Cliffie Stone, who helped popularize country music in California.
  • Cliffie Stone, a part-time talent scout for Capitol Records, brought him to the attention of the label.
  • Word of her talent spread to Country & Western impresario Cliffie Stone, who invited her to Los Angeles, and guided her early career.
  • Cliffie Stone died from a heart attack on January 17, 1998 at his Saugus, California home.
  • Cliffie Stone brought the idea for the song to Travis and then brought the demo to Capitol Records after Travis wrote and recorded the song.
  • Stone and Moser (and Cliffie Stone) appeared in the 1986 film Back To School as members of a bar band.
  • Cliffie (as Cece calls him) reluctantly tags along a roller-coaster ride with them and learns how the girls usually spend their nights out.
  • She first gained wide exposure singing on Cliffie Stone's television program Hometown Jamboree, from 1956 to 1959.
  • West, who joined Cliffie Stone's popular Hometown Jamboree local radio and TV show, suggested Bryant be hired when the show's original guitarist departed.
  • Many of them, Porky Freeman, Red Murrell, Cliffie Stone, and Billy Hughes among them, were stars in their own right.
  • The album, produced by Cliffie Stone, retains the vestigal sound of Rockabilly that country music was moving away from at that time, ironically toward the softer sound then being pushed by artists such as Price.
  • As KFOX, it was one of the first stations in the Los Angeles area to broadcast a country music format, featuring Tennessee Ernie Ford and Cliffie Stone in its early days.
  • West, a steel guitarist, was asked by Crooks, while at Cliffie Stone's "Hometown Jamboree" show, to try out his guitar amp.
  • At KXLA, Ford continued doing the same show and also joined the cast of Cliffie Stone's popular live KXLA country show Dinner Bell Roundup as a vocalist while still doing the early morning broadcast.
  • Lou assured his baby brother "Cliffie" that he loved and respected him no matter what, but was convinced early on that what Cliff was feeling was just a phase, and came up with numerous efforts to "cure" him of being gay.
  • In the 1970s, Bee reconnected with Cliffie Stone and recorded two more albums to begin her comeback; and played small country bars and venues, very different scenes from the large concert audiences that she had attracted early in her career.
  • KTLA eventually cancelled Cooley's program and replaced it with a competing show brought over from KCOP, Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jamboree.
  • Eddie asked Bill for the 43 year old song because he remembered it from the early days when Aken performed the song himself on Cliffie Stone's 'Hometown Jamboree' in the 1950s.
  • O'Brien's singing abilities came to the attention of entertainer and Country Music Hall of Fame member Cliffie Stone, who hired her as a regular performer on his television show Hometown Jamboree before her high school graduation.
  • On 29 March 2014, Cliffie Hodgson broke the club's all time point scoring record, beating Steve Gough's record which had stood since the 1998-99 season.
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