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  • They find a path down from the cliff that has thirty-nine steps.
  • None the less, I followed the old man to the cliff's edge. Cited from The Master of Appleby, by Francis Lynde
  • They find him on a cliff, as he has fallen down.
  • Each stone created a hole in the cliff, and the water of the lake became lower.
  • Uncle Cliff's voice giving an order came to them from outside. Cited from Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party, by C. E. Jacobs and Edyth Ellerbeck Read
  • Why, in a month he could own a car like Cliff's. Cited from The Thunder Bird, by B. M. Bower (aka Bertha Muzzy Bower Sinclair Cowan)
  • Cliff sought out many producers while still going to school, trying to get his songs recorded without success.
  • Little growth is possible along the coast, since the cliffs are on the sea's edge.
  • A number of well-preserved rock-paintings have been found on the cliff walls.
  • It also occurs on other sites with reduced tree competition, such as cliffs.
  • There was a movement in the trees at the cliff's foot. Cited from Tarzan the Terrible,Edgar R. Burroughs
  • And I kept on in the direction of the cliff's base. Cited from The Land That Time Forgot, by Burroughs
  • This rock type can be seen along the cliff walls of the Gap.
  • She actually survived running off of a cliff in the dark.
  • The cliffs can be seen in the left hand side of the sat photo.
  • Within an hour I should be at the cliff's foot. Cited from Prester John, by John Buchan
  • Every evening he would sit near the edge of a nearby cliff and play his violin.
  • On a clear day, the cliffs are easily visible from the French coast.
  • The spot is on a mountain which is surrounded with cliffs on every side.
  • Apart from these two places, the cliffs rise sheer out of deep water.
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Meaning of cliff

  • noun A steep high face of rock
    he stood on a high cliff overlooking the town, a steep drop