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  • The face of the wall to the right and left has two dark clefts in it. Cited from Travels in West Africa, by Mary H. Kingsley
  • Straight across the lake two deep clefts in the eastern range opened on the water, five miles apart. Cited from Big Timber, by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • The branch or stock should be split carefully down the middle to form a cleft about deep.
  • The arms show a silver and blue figure which represents the cleft of the island.
  • She also composed a two-act opera called Cleft in the Rock.
  • Let us build our nests in the clefts of the rock and no hand will ever reach them. Cited from Expositions/Scripture: Isaiah & Jeremiah, Maclaren
  • Most children who have their clefts repaired early enough are able to have a happy youth and social life.
  • Running down the center of this valley is a narrow cleft.
  • The active site is a deep cleft located between these two domains.
  • When she told her story to the rest of the clefts, the two tribes soon came into contact with each other.
  • The eyes of the men in the cleft below had followed the pointed sword. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • Through the clefts of the big brown rocks came strong currents of fresh air. Cited from The Torrents of Spring, by Ivan Turgenev
  • Then the mountains split open; the animals died and left their bones in the clefts. Cited from The Reminiscences of an Astronomer, by Simon Newcomb
  • They began to search the island and climbed over the rocks and deep clefts. Cited from After Long Years, Trans. S. A. Miller/A. M. Dunne
  • It's also possible that the cleft begins at the ear and runs towards the mouth.
  • It consists of a natural cleft or canyon in the rock running approximately east to west.
  • Individuals with cleft also face many middle ear infections which may eventually lead to hearing loss.
  • For some time the two men walked in silence over the clefts and boulders up the mountain side. Cited from Homo Sum, by Georg Ebers, v1
  • A cleft runs across the floor from the southern rim toward the north-northeast.
  • Such clefts, however, tend to open up more and more as the timber seasons. Cited from The Mechanical Properties of Wood, by Samuel J. Record
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Root form of cleft is cleave for the verb.

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Meaning of cleft

  • noun A split or indentation in something (as the palate or chin)
  • verb Separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
    cleave the bone
  • verb Make by cutting into
    The water is going to cleave a channel into the rock