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  • It was believed to be not only the first but also the only national clearinghouse of its kind.
  • It also serves as an international clearinghouse of resources for the history of information technology.
  • The clearinghouse offers a wide variety of resources that are both free and available for purchase.
  • The commission also serves as an advocate and information clearinghouse for the arts and cultural community.
  • It also served as the "clearinghouse" for foreign communications with foreign countries.
  • The Commission serves as a national clearinghouse and resource of information regarding election administration.
  • The organization was the first national clearinghouse in the United States for information about circumcision.
  • North Carolina is one of the few states with a clearinghouse for missing adults as well as children.
  • The Center also serves as the clearinghouse for all manner of Middle Eastern content for the mid-West region.
  • All journal articles on the Clearinghouse are available in open-access formats.
  • The Library Commission is a clearinghouse for state government publications and makes many documents accessible online.
  • The Association also serves as the forest products industry's primary statistical clearinghouse for manufacturing, production and capacity data.
  • SVEF acts as a clearinghouse for businesses and individuals interested in giving to public schools.
  • The organization became a clearinghouse for information about ritual abuse from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s.
  • It operated an information bank known as Clearinghouse.
  • The original CWIT site included a large number of resources and links and served as a clearinghouse about women and information technology.
  • The following two studies were reviewed by the What Works Clearinghouse and were found to meet their high standards for research.
  • CMH also serves as a clearinghouse for the oral history programs in the army at all levels of command.
  • The State Council is the functional center of state power and clearinghouse for government initiatives at all levels.
  • The Clearinghouse consists of two aspects: project selection and funding administration.
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