clearing brawl

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  • The game was very physical, and included a bench-clearing brawl in the second period.
  • As a youth player she began a bench-clearing brawl in a game in which she was the only female playing.
  • The match ended with a bench clearing brawl between both teams.
  • After a number of fights, a bench-clearing brawl broke out near the end of the second period.
  • On-court fights had been all too common in the 1970s, often including bench-clearing brawls.
  • However the climax was a line-clearing brawl that involved both teams' goaltenders.
  • In the following 20 minute bench-clearing brawl, almost every player and many team officials stormed onto the court.
  • He was known as fiercely competitive, and was involved in several bench-clearing brawls.
  • The Grand Final is often remembered for a bench-clearing brawl which broke out on the wing soon after the opening bounce.
  • Twice within a span of one week in late January, the Flyers engaged in bench-clearing brawls.
  • Arizona State swept the series and in the final game a bench clearing brawl spread quickly to the stands and made national headlines.
  • Regardless, a fight between the two erupted, resulting in a bench-clearing brawl.
  • Stearns got the season started for the Mets by getting into a bench clearing brawl in the fourth game of the season.
  • The rivalry game against LSU was called off with less than a minute remaining when a bench clearing brawl broke out between the teams on an extra point attempt.
  • Just three days later, they played a game which became a microcosm of their season when two Mets were ejected after a bench-clearing brawl.
  • A bench-clearing brawl ensued, and both players were suspended for the remainder of the series.
  • In the contest between Canada and the Soviet Union, a bench-clearing brawl erupted in the second period.
  • This game started a fierce rivalry between the teams, which included several bench-clearing brawls, that lasted for several years, but which has since dissipated.
  • After a bench-clearing brawl, offsetting penalties were called, nullifying the first down under the rules in effect at that time.
  • However, Kennedy then proceeded to hit Greinke himself, and a furious bench-clearing brawl began.
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