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  • He had wanted to play, but his doctor did not give him clearance.
  • After another few minutes he found out that the whole group was waiting for a security clearance.
  • This then gives enough clearance to open the rear part of the door.
  • It took four months for him to gain clearance to play again.
  • Did us good to watch the clearances as we passed along. Cited from The Narrative of Gordon Sellar, by Gordon Sellar
  • In the clearances around these villages alone could the sun be seen. Cited from Last Journals of David Livingstone, II (of 2), by David Livingstone
  • House Clearances are a form of service which can be a part or an entire house.
  • There are no low clearances or weight limits on this particular state route.
  • The high-level clearance process can be lengthy, sometimes taking a year or more.
  • He did not have clearance and was not involved with the project.
  • A clearance car is a type of railroad car in maintenance of way service.
  • The ground clearance is also lower than the normal version.
  • This almost always causes major engine damage due to the very small clearances inside a diesel engine.
  • We saw some passenger cars with out-of-state licenses and gave them wide clearances. Cited from Highways in Hiding, by George Oliver Smith
  • Each compartment may include its own additional special requirements and clearance process.
  • The new bridge would be a suspension bridge high, with of clearance below it.
  • A four wheel drive vehicle with high clearance may be required.
  • To access the information, a person must have the appropriate level of clearance and a need to know.
  • They are supported from tall towers, and provide of clearance to the water below.
  • As he had a high clearance rate, Justice Department didn't look at him too closely.
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Meaning of clearance

  • noun The distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them
  • noun Permission to proceed
    the plane was given clearance to land