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  • They hope to see more community based events and activities in the park, as well as more park cleanups.
  • Being used in the time before the modern day environmental movement, the site has had its share of cleanups over the years.
  • There are cleanups starting in July and going till September.
  • Through the 1980s and 1990s, additional cleanups took place, but the river remains polluted.
  • The school also hosts its own PRIDE team, which organizes cleanups of the school's campus by its students.
  • In addition, the industry now does two annual beach cleanups to collect marine debris from all beaches in areas where they farm.
  • Currently the association is developing three projects -- a neighborhood garden, continued cleanups and a regular open market where residents can sell their wares.
  • The group's efforts include stream cleanups, resident education and advocacy.
  • The largest of all environmental cleanups, the event has grown tremendously since the first cleanup in Texas.
  • There are several annual cleanups that occur along the Savage Mill Trail.
  • The bottom of the rocker should be made of a single wide, smooth board, which will greatly facilitate cleanups.
  • They have also run beach cleanups, debates, and recycling projects to help grow environmental awareness.
  • The entire surface was now flush riveted and the aircraft had several other aerodynamic cleanups.
  • The organization hosts annual cleanups in the summer.
  • As long standing members of the Surfrider Foundation, the band often played benefit concerts and sponsored beach cleanups.
  • The provincial Environment Minister Tom Hedderson said the province must still do assessments for any necessary cleanups.
  • Officers attend their regular meetings, special events, and neighborhood cleanups, and are available to assist with solving problems facing a neighborhood.
  • The land must undergo environmental cleanups before any development can occur, with most of the cost paid for by U.S. Steel.
  • "I don't think this will push the envelope on the state of the art" of toxic cleanups.
  • I* with GL/EL, although a number of detail cleanups improved range and accuracy.
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Root form of cleanups is cleanup for the noun.

Meaning of cleanups

  • noun (baseball) the fourth position in the batting order (usually filled by the best batter on the team)