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  • It has also been estimated the cleanup will take at least two months.
  • The City has a river cleanup of its river portion twice a year.
  • Sometimes the cleanup is a last minute job that could not be completed during production.
  • In recent years, there has been a call once again for environmental cleanup.
  • No one on the street was injured but the cleanup took many weeks.
  • After extensive cleanup, the area has been converted into a city park.
  • They do their own cleanup when they feel like it.
  • They hope to see more community based events and activities in the park, as well as more park cleanups.
  • The land is to become a park when the cleanup is done.
  • Cleanup began several weeks later, and the investigation was completed by mid-August.
  • Since then there have been many cleanup efforts by local residents.
  • A nine minute red flag stopped the race for cleanup after an accident.
  • He hit cleanup, played first base and was popular among fans.
  • A new access road is part of the plans for the cleanup.
  • Residents were without power for weeks, schools were closed for a week or more, and cleanup took months.
  • The court ordered cleanup continued throughout the next two decades and is still ongoing.
  • His first season, he played second base and hit cleanup behind Pete Hill.
  • Several letters with first person accounts of the fire and cleanup are on display.
  • The court ruled that the county had no standing to bring any legal claim for environmental cleanup.
  • During the fire cleanup, another building inspection took place in the building.
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Meaning of cleanup

  • noun (baseball) the fourth position in the batting order (usually filled by the best batter on the team)