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  • The standard form used for the cleansing operations was arrest 'because of communist activity'.
  • Ethnic Cleansing is a standard, short-length first-person shooter set in a single level.
  • On leaving the sacred cemetery, visitors must always wash your hands with cleansing water.
  • Soviet policy in all of these areas was harsh towards the people under its control, showing strong elements of ethnic cleansing.
  • Cleansing biotopes offer effective water treatment while maintaining a natural and beautiful environment.
  • Further treatment was necessary to finish the cleansing process.
  • His cleansing oil remains popular in Japan today.
  • The work is a cleansing act, a coming out.
  • Cleansing is the first essential step to any daily skin care routine.
  • Some have called their actions a campaign of ethnic cleansing.
  • The events have been usually classified as population transfer, or as ethnic cleansing.
  • After the February Revolution he was removed from office during the cleansing of higher komsostava.
  • He also said the new album would "blow The Cleansing away."
  • After this he repeated each action in the opposite order ending with the washing with water as a final cleansing.
  • No one would intervene until the ethnic cleansing was carried out.
  • She described the experience of losing her job as "cleansing and liberating in ways you never knew."
  • Finally they engaged in large scale ethnic cleansing, moving ethnic minorities far away, often with high loss of life.
  • This religious cleansing did not sit well with other Muslims though.
  • Before to the ceremony, there is a religious cleansing of the area to remove any evil spirits.
  • The beginning of the cleansing of the German race had begun.
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Root form of cleansing is cleanse for the verb.

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Meaning of cleansing

  • verb Clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing
    clean up before you see your grandparents, clean your fingernails before dinner
  • verb Purge of an ideology, bad thoughts, or sins
    Purgatory is supposed to cleanse you from your sins