cleansing effect

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  • It was her hope, her conviction, that woman's influence in politics might have a cleansing effect in the national life. Cited from Painted Windows, by Harold Begbie
  • It has a cleansing effect; and also for this reason the Lord permits it. Cited from The Harp of God, by J. F. Rutherford
  • "I think writing has a cleansing effect, and although it is easy enough to keep the body clean, the mind seems to grow clogged."
  • Ahipa tubers are even considered to have a cleansing effect on the body.
  • For the late severe loss the city may find some compensations-as the cleansing effect of fire; much filth, material and moral, has been destroyed. Cited from Some Cities & San Fran. & Resurgam, H. H. Bancroft
  • The surface openings are usually closed, and the discharge of urine has a mechanical cleansing effect. Cited from Disease and Its Causes, by William Thomas Councilman
  • The consecrated fire is believed to have a powerful cleansing effect spiritually and psychologically.
  • Looking back, the total lack of a comic book scene in the early 2000s proved to have a cleansing effect and pushed many to rebuild the whole scene from its base.
  • Borututu bark is claimed to have hepatic healing properties and general cleansing effect.
  • Precisely the action of Kshara sutra is thought to be due to its healing and cleansing effect according to Ayurveda.
  • The paper is infused with essences, fragrances or essential oils in order to achieve a perfuming or cleansing effect.
  • The vigorous circulation of the blood induced by exercise gradually has the effect of flushing out all of the bodily tissues, and in that way has an internal cleansing effect that cannot be attained by any other means. Cited from Vitality Supreme, by Bernarr Macfadden
  • John Eliot Gardiner interprets it as "the cleansing effect of baptismal water".
  • The application of a lime-sulfur wash when put on during the dormant season is not likely to harm a tree and has such an excellent cleansing effect that the benefits to be derived in this direction alone are often sufficient to meet the cost of the treatment. Cited from Studies of Trees, by Jacob Joshua Levison
  • The cleansing effect of wholesome laughter and an outdoor gust of hale west wind is offered by him, and with it go the rude, coarse things to be found in Nature who is nevertheless in her influence so salutary, so necessary, in truth, to our intellectual and moral health. Cited from Masters of the English Novel, by Richard Burton
  • The vortex-flushing toilet bowl, which creates a self-cleansing effect, was invented by Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint John, New Brunswick in 1907.
  • The local press lauded the attacks by the servicemen, describing the assaults as having a "cleansing effect" that were ridding Los Angeles of "miscreants" and "hoodlums".